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Working with God to Create

Although the term New Age is not as common as before, the concept remains. It was misnamed from the beginning because it is a repackaging of Hindu, Astrology, and other Eastern religious views. Essentially, it is religious buffet.

For a while, calling something New Age was a marketing scheme. The music under that moniker could be jazz, electronic, nature sounds, and more — although it did not involve spirituality unless the listener added it. Books, board games, and more had New Age trappings. It should not surprise anyone that Christian elements were added and corrupted.

A philosophy is growing, compatible with Theistic Evolution and New Age ideas. It denies the authority of the Bible, that we are co-creators with God.
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New Age stuff is not atheistic by nature, but it denies the authority of the Bible. Evolution is an ancient pagan religious idea that is seen in Eastern religions and New Age spirituality. Satan himself was the first evolutionist, rejecting God as Creator and believing that God also evolved just as he himself was doing. The first lie was back in Genesis 3:4 when Satan told Eve, "You will not die, but you will be like God when you have some of that mighty tasty fruit!"

Recent philosophies and movements are actually trying to "evolve" humanity into something better, and one version of this is that humans are co-creators with God. This fits in with Theistic Evolution as well as New Age and several other philosophies. Bluntly stated, it is blasphemous in the way Bible verses are abducted and tortured to give the appearance of supporting co-creatorship.

What do theistic evolution, transhumanism, Neo-Marxism, New Ageism, and the “prosperity gospel” have in common—and what do these common factors have to do with the idea that humans are “co-creators” with God? The answers run deeper than we might expect. For starters, all these beliefs involve elements that contradict biblical doctrines. So they all bear a telltale hallmark of false teachings: the lie, first suggested by the serpent in Genesis 3:1, that God’s Word is not completely true. To different extents, some of these beliefs also share another trademark of many false teachings—a version of the serpent’s lie that “you will be like God” (Genesis 3:5).

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