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Gambling on Creation with Christian Colleges

Someone said that he asked people who believe the falsehood that the US Constitution has a separation of church and state clause, "Do you want something that is taught in seminaries also taught in public schools?" They answered in the negative. He pointed out that this subject was evolution.

One would expect that a college calling itself Christian would believe and teach what is contained in the Bible, and uphold biblical authority. Many have fallen away and teach vague religiosity, and usually shun biblical creation.

Faro game at Orient Saloon ca. 1900 / National Archives, colorized at Palette
It has been demonstrated that particles-to-professor evolution makes atheists out of people, or causes them compromise their faith so that it becomes almost unrecognizable — even resembling Deism. Parents who care will provide their children with strong teachings in creation and other areas of the faith, and make resources available. This includes biblically-strong sites and weblogs that link to other good materials. When students are challenged, they have something to fall back on and resources to utilize.
A survey by Calvin University (Grand Rapids, MI) was recently completed to find out what position Christian college biology professors take on teaching evolution. Many Calvin University professors teach, in stark contrast to the beliefs of John Calvin, that evolution was the means that God used to create humans and all life as well. Calvin University sponsors the BioLogos organization which aggressively opposes even the concept of intelligent design. Instead they support non-theistic evolution covered with a Christian veneer.

The study found that “the majority of biology professors at many Christian schools teach evolution as the best explanation for the development of life, but they teach it at a lower rate than their secular peers.” Before I analyze the study, let me present some background on the magazine that sponsored the study, the colleges that responded to the study, and where their affiliated churches stand on this issue.

To finish reading, go over to "Most Christian College Professors Teach Evolution, not Creation." Also, I recommend that parents and prospective students read, "Why You Should Be Careful Which Christian College You Attend." Don't gamble on Christian education.

The following video is about secular schools, but the principles can also be applied to weak Christian schools: