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Theopedia - Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity
Reasons for Hope - Biblical answers for real-world questions

Christian Apologetics (Why You Can Believe the Bible)

Creation Science Links

Creation Evangelism Tools

Ten resources to help you defend the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection

Ways to Share Your Faith with Others

Virtual Religion Index - Rutgers University

Prophet Of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words
Islam, Making a True Difference in the World One Body at a Time

Walid Shoebat - Former PLO Terrorst Speaks Out for Israel and USA

Mormonism Research Ministry

Mormon Outreach - Defending Christianity from Mormon Doctrine

BBC Religion and Ethics

GotQuestions - Bible Questions Answered

4Truth - Providing practical information for discussing faith and worldviews

Striving for Eternity Ministries

In The Beginning - Bible studies springboard, more technical than usually encountered

Beliefnet - 4,200 religions, etc.

Inner Secrets of Scientology

Gospel Communications Network - Online Christian Resources - Extensive Christian Resources

OneNewsNow - News from a Biblical Perspective

Ten-Four Ministries - Practical and Spiritual Support to the Law Enforcement Community

Christian Apologetics & Intelligence Ministry

Worthy Toons - Christian Cartoons

Christian and Family Cartoons

Christ's Internet - News, Links, Radio Stations, Resources

Christian Web News

OnePlace - Free Online Christian Radio, Ministries, Music, Bible

My CCM - Christian Music and Community

Lightsource - Christian Video Broadcasts and Ministry Television Online

Eternal Productions

Christian Videos

Godbeat TV - Videos

Christian Radio Online and Links to Stations - 24-hour Internet Radio Stations

Power to Change - Christian Portal

Cyberspace Ministry - Christian Portal

Crossmap - Christian Search and Portal

Cross Daily - Christian links, chat, portal

Men Today - Christian Portal for Men

Women Today - Christian Portal for Women

Heartlight - Daily Devotionals, Art, Articles, More

Religious Freedom Coalition - William J. Murray

Coral Ridge Ministries (Dr. D. James Kennedy)

Rapture Ready - Rapture Resources for the End Times

ABN - Non-Denominational, Presenting the Gospel to Arab-Speaking People

Crosscards - Christian Inspiration for All Occasions

Campus Crusade for Christ International - Helping Build Spiritual Movements Everywhere

Transferable Concept - Basic truths that Jesus and his disciples taught

Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity

Living Waters

Voice of the Martyrs - Global Perspective on Christian Persecution

The Way of the Master - Evangelism

Fish with Trish - Evangelism

iChristian Life - Evangelism and Bible Teaching

Fish the Net - Evangelism Resources, More

I Am Not Ashamed - Take Your Stand

Stone Tablets Ministries - Evangelism

Museum of Idolatry - Artifacts of Apostasy

Free Christian Clip Art

Sermon Search - Free Sermon Outlines, Illustrations, Backgrounds

Sermon Audio

Bible Gateway - Searchable online Bible, over 35 languages, 50 versions

Online Bible Study Tools - Search Gateway to Resources

Blue Letter Bible - Search and resources

Bible Server - Read the Bible in Different Languages and Versions

Christ Notes - Bible Search and Commentary

Unbound Bible - Read the Bible in Different Languages and Versions, and Parallel

Bible Browser - Read Bible Versions, See Commentaries and More - Read Bible Versions, Search

RefTagger - Great way to highlight Bible references on your site! (I use it here and at Stormbringer's Thunder)

LOLcat Bible - Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat and the struggle in "LOLspeak"

The Brick Testament - The Bible with Lego People

Evangelism Training for All Experience Levels

Western Tract Mission - Bible Lit, Courses for All

Tracts - Cyber, Audio, Video, Chat

Live Tracts - Cyber, Audio, Video

Free CD and DVD Tracts - Download, burn, give away

Praize - All-in-one Christian Community

Community4Christ - Christian Chat and Community

Christian Mingler - Free Christian Wallpapers, Backgrounds and Graphics

National Bible Association

In Touch (Charles Stanley)

Bible Study Tools

Open Arms Free Online Bible Counseling

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Andy Stanley, Frank Turek, and Bad Theology

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Andy Stanley has been disappointing some people, and causing quite a few to be alarmed by his opposition to the authority of Scripture. (Note: Do not be confused.  Charles  Stanley is his father, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and heard on In Touch Ministries . I've found most of his teachings to be doctrinally sound, and he upholds the inerrancy and authority of the Bible.) Unfortunately, megachurch director Andy Stanley has been saying things that are destructive to the truth, including recommending the false teaching of theistic evolution. Gray wolf image credit: US National Park Service While shooting from the hip can be a good thing, someone claiming the title of pastor should reign himself in . Stanley was disrespectful of small churches, then apologized later . In another instance, " What  did he just say?", Stanley may have used a very bad word in a sermon. When the segment was legally posted on YouTube

Disappointment with Young Earth Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  First, a note for anyone who is curious. The usual format: introduction with some of my thoughts plus links for useful information, excerpts of featured articles, then links to keep reading. I put my name on it and call it an article when I have more to say. This one will be different. I will reference older articles, then add some thoughts that I hope will prove helpful. There is more following the excerpt and link. So, does anyone remember Ken Keathley? Medal image manufactured at Custom Medal Maker Several years ago, Ken Keathley renounced young earth creationism to accept an old earth view. Apparently, he was disappointed by people in the young earth community. No kidding? Taking Friendly Fire This is where I'm going to open up and get personal with both of my readers. Ken Keathley is not the only one who has been disappointed, and in addition, I've been deeply hurt by the young earth community. Things I have posted on social(ist) media have been &qu

Gopher Wood and Noah's Ark

Something that has puzzled readers of the sixth chapter of Genesis is the use of the term gopher wood. Footnotes often say that the "Hebrew term is uncertain", and Bible translations differ — "I know what that means, Cowboy Bob! Noah commanded his sons, "Shem, you gopher water, Ham can gopher more pitch, and Japheth can gopher wood". No. Anyway, Bible translations differ. Many use the term gopher wood, and using the translations in my copy of theWord Bible Software , Coverdale (1535,) Geneva (1587), and Tyndale (1526) translated it as pine. The NIV translates it as cypress and adds the "uncertain" reference. The KJV, NKJV, NASB, HCSB, ESV, WEB all render the term as gopher wood. Credit: Wikimedia Commons /  Cimerondagert  ( CC by-SA 4.0 ) An excellent possibility is that God was not specifying a particular tree that has disappeared since then, but that Noah was to use hardwood. Getting into the Hebrew language, we see the root word tha