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Images on the Web: An Appeal to Caution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Substantially edited 11 June 2020, don't blame me for Blogger's cut-ups with spacing and such. Edited again 5 March 2022. People like to use images in articles, posts and so on. Some feel that it is essential, especially since readers are attracted to an article with an image on Facebook or other social media. It's almost a requirement. Unfortunately, some are risking serious trouble. Mixed messages from image owners complicate matters; is it available for use, or not, and when? None of what is written here should be construed as legal advice. What I am doing is recommending that we act within the law to the best of our abilities using better information, reducing assumptions, minimizing mistakes and carelessness, and putting aside arrogance. You may want to stop and get a snack and soda, this is not one of my short articles. Sunset over clouds on Lake Superior / freeimages / Archbob Wrong Beliefs Let's dispel some of the myths a