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Worldviews, Reason, and Assassins

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Whatever your opinion of Donald J. Trump, put it in the corral over yonder and you can pick it up in a few minutes. Something I keep emphasizing is the importance of worldviews . Everyone has a worldview , which is a collection of things assumed to be true, experience, values, convictions and so on that people use as a framework to understand life. Obviously, they also influence our thoughts, and those affect our conduct. Political parties are secular in nature. Some actively oppose the things of God and embrace things he hates (such as materialism, evolution, disdain for human life, abortion, and other sex-related beliefs), other parties have members who hold Christian worldviews.  Colorful crosshairs, Pixabay / Gerd Altmann (geralt) Leftists in the Democrat party have been using violent talk for quite some time, demonizing Trump and saying he is a "threat" to our democracy. (No, it is a constitutional republic with democratic processes. Big differen

The Hebrew for BOTH Day and Eon?

For some reason, many professing Christians are determined to get long ages out of the first two chapters of Genesis. The word under fire is  yôm , which means literal day (or part of a day) when qualifiers are used, otherwise it can mean an indefinite  period of time. Why those people want to take the only word that can mean literal day and confuse the issue so they can have millions of years in Genesis is baffling. They take the rest of Genesis and the Old Testament at face value, relying on context, when  yôm is used. Bible and pathway, Unsplash /  Aaron Burden If God wanted to indicate long ages, there are other words available. Several popular efforts have been made to compromise with the enemies of God and make creation seem to be older than God's Word tells us. (Do they really  believe the Bible, or is it just for show?) These compromises include the " Gap Theory ," the " Framework Hypothesis ," theistic evolution, and others. One of the others is the po