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Is Genesis to be Taken "Literally"?

One of the reflexive responses of compromisers regarding Genesis is, "You can't take it literally". To me, that says, "I reject anything that indicates a creation week of 24-hour days, a young Earth and a Noachian flood, because I add millions of years and interpret the Bible through "nature", which is the  67th book of the Bible ." That is a very bad idea: A straightforward reading of the book of Genesis does  not  give any "wiggle room" for any of those  compromise doctrines to add huge amounts of time It leads to a series of compromises through the Bible God takes a dim view of people tampering with his word and "exceeding what is written" (for example, Prov. 30.6, Deut. 4.2, Rev. 22.18-19, 1 Cor. 4.6 NASB) But...what does it mean  to take Genesis "literally"? I tend to cringe when people say that, because misotheists will find all sorts of strange things to take out of context and then accuse Christians of believing &q

Fundamentalist and Literalist

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Edited September 13, 2016  "Be a clone and kiss conviction good night. Cloneliness is next to Godliness. Right! . . . If you want to be one of his, gotta act like one of us!" — Steve Taylor, from "I Want to be a Clone" What is a Fundamentalist? If you ask around, you will probably receive several different kinds of answers. In the most basic sense, it is someone who believes in the fundamentals of the faith. In that way, most people who call themselves "Christian" are "Fundamentalists". One definition said, "Of or relating to or tending toward Fundamentalism". Thanks, that's very helpful, old son. I like this one : "Christian fundamentalism refers to a set of religious beliefs within the Protestant community which emphasizes strict adherence to Christian beliefs, including a belief in the literal truth of the Bible." I agree with that definition for the most part. As you p