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Retake the Rainbow

With the right combination of water in the air and the angle of light from the sun, a rainbow or double rainbow can be seen. People like to admire the beauty and often quip about gold at its end. Rainbows are popular in artwork and are frequently seen on toys for children. The first mention of a rainbow is in Genesis 9:8-17 where God established it as a covenant sign that the world would never again be completely flooded. God did not do an extra act of creation, but instead assigned special meaning to it. Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Unsplash / Jason Forrest Nowadays, the rainbow has been hijacked. It's bad enough that the word gay  has been changed to mean male homosexual (and those people do not display the original meaning), but the rainbow is a far more serious affront. It has been reworked to have a certain number of stripes that have meanings to the LGBTQ folks. Strange to take unhealthy pride in a sexual preference, and even to seek one's identity in it! This group is happ

The Bible does not Merely Contain the Word of God

When I was a small buckaroo, my father was a pastor in a liberal denomination. (As a general guideline, be wary of denominations with the word "united" in the name. They tend to have poor theology.) Being raised in the United Methodist Church, it was a challenge for me to attend a Christian school that was operated by Fundamentalists. There were so many things that I did not know about the Bible in my mid-teens despite being a pastor's kid. What was this stuff about the Bible being  the Word of God? Bible and pathway, Unsplash / Aaron Burden Churches with liberal theology compromise on many biblical teachings, and that seems to start by rejecting the infallibility of Scripture . It has errors but contains  the Word of God. So how do they know what to believe? Although my father rejected evolution, he seemed to accept deep time. Liberal theologians compromise on those details as well. When the Bible is a flawed guidebook, it can mean all sorts of things whenever convenient

Transgenderism and Genesis

There can be no denying that the idea of someone changing sexes has gone from a rare aberration into acceptance in recent years, and the rest of us are being coerced into being enthusiastic about it. We are called hateful and phobic for not accepting the the reality they are attempting to create and foist upon the world . Even more so for Christians and biblical creationists who believe what God's Word says about the created order. It is not  "hateful" for speaking the truth and trying to turn people from their flawed beliefs; they deny the Bible and science . Distorted woods, original image by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Amazingly, people try to put evolution into Genesis and pull out transgenderism! People who do this reject the Bible and denigrate those of us who believe it. They ignore creation science evidence (and some, albeit inadvertent, secular evidence) supporting how we all came from Adam and Eve. Evolutionists believe humanity had multiple first ancestors, and because