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Retake the Rainbow

With the right combination of water in the air and the angle of light from the sun, a rainbow or double rainbow can be seen. People like to admire the beauty and often quip about gold at its end. Rainbows are popular in artwork and are frequently seen on toys for children.

The first mention of a rainbow is in Genesis 9:8-17 where God established it as a covenant sign that the world would never again be completely flooded. God did not do an extra act of creation, but instead assigned special meaning to it.

The rainbow has been hijacked by a certain group, reworked, and given new meanings. The real one was given by God as a covenant. We can take it back.
Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Unsplash / Jason Forrest
Nowadays, the rainbow has been hijacked. It's bad enough that the word gay has been changed to mean male homosexual (and those people do not display the original meaning), but the rainbow is a far more serious affront. It has been reworked to have a certain number of stripes that have meanings to the LGBTQ folks. Strange to take unhealthy pride in a sexual preference, and even to seek one's identity in it!

This group is happy to promote blasphemy and ridicule people who say that God wants the rainbow back, and complain that we discriminate against them and are "homophobes." (I'll say again: I don't phobe any homos. C'mon, man, that word is malarkey!) They are not victims. Indeed, businesses are trying to appease this small but vocal segment of the population. What can we do now? Actively use the rainbow to display how it is a symbol of God's judgment and his promise to mankind. We can also pray for them to seek repentance, and emphasize that disagreement is not hatred.

Over recent years one particular social and political movement has appropriated common words and symbols to its own cause. This has been done by LGBT+ campaign groups, and the organisers of the pride marches. The word gay has changed its meaning from the historical sense; and now the rainbow has been adopted on to the so-called ‘pride flag’; more commonly known as the rainbow flag. Although still professing to be a discriminated minority, the LGBT+ movement has become politically dominant in most Western nations, with pride marches often supported by corporations, the police, and government agencies. As such, the rainbow flag has become widely recognised as a symbol of gay pride, but biblically, God promised that the rainbow would be a symbol of something completely different.

I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest over at "Reclaiming the rainbow — The misappropriation of a religious symbol."