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Salvation Security, and that Hebrews Passage

There are two views on losing salvation: You can, or you cannot. The Arminian view generally affirms that loss of salvation is possible, but there are variations. Then the Reformed (Calvinist) view is that the doctrine of election settles it, the elect cannot lose their salvation. Some seem to believe that any unconfessed sin sends you to Hell (which is a very low view of the work of Jesus). That would cause fearful professing Christians. Another is that salvation can be lost by deliberate renunciation, but that downplays many verses to the contrary. Rail trail bridge, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen Opponents of what is called eternal security  (or somewhat disparagingly as "once saved, always saved") do indeed have some Bible verses that may at first glance appear to indicate loss of salvation is possible. Those are usually take out of context, whether immediate (surrounding verses) or a greater context. Having come from an Arminian tradition and now accept eternal security,