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For Question Evolution Day — Problems with Theistic Evolution

In observance of the third annual international Question Evolution Day , I am going to focus on biblical authority and worldviews. With the help of a couple of articles, of course. First of all, I do not know of any major creationist organization that says that you must believe in a literal six-day creation and reject evolution in order to be a Christian. This is not a salvation issue, but it is still important. It is my belief that most people simply never gave it a second thought, Genesis is a story but science tells us how life began and evolved, so God used evolution. Of course, they have evolution assumed to be true, are given many fancy stories that may sound plausible on the surface, and if people question evolution, they are subject to ridicule and being called "anti-science". In addition to appealing to emotion with ridicule, they also appeal to emotion by saying that "scientists agree that evolution is true", and, "most rational people believe i