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Alien Messages and Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen The topic of aliens from outer space can make as much sense as a cattle stampede. Many people believe that there are extraterrestrial visitors who traveled amazingly vast distances through impossible-to-survive conditions in outer space to visit us. What for, just to say "Howdy?" Others reject space aliens as products of imagination, psychotic episodes, mistakes, or are faked. Then you hear about how UFOs are secret government flying machines. See? Orderly as a stampede. To dismiss UFOs and aliens outright is to impugn the integrity of many respectable people. Something  happened to various people, and others did  see something in the sky. By my cogitations, those space ships are probably military aircraft — and something sinister as well. Those visitations by extraterrestrials? They're not from outer space. If ET says he's from out there, he's lying. Having reluctantly abandoned my belief that we are visited by space strangers, I