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God and the Bad Things

Although professing atheists like to say that if God is loving and powerful, he should be able to stop evil in the world. Even Christians ask these kinds of questions (albeit without the sneering). After all, God created a perfect world.

It is natural to question and even argue from our own perspective, but we tend to forget about trying to see things from the point of view of someone else. What is God's side of the matter? If people will allow him to speak, he tells us in the Bible.

Living and dead trees in the woods via Cowboy Bob Sorensen, modified at PhotoFunia
People, plants, animals get sick. Everything that is born, dies. Evolutionists depend on death because that supposedly gives rise to new life forms that are more equipped to survive. Yet they still resent it instead of celebrating that the aged and sick are out of the way. That's because they know that God is real. Deep inside, we know that death is the enemy, just like the Bible says. This enemy has been defeated by the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He will be coming back (possibly in fifteen minutes), and evil will be punished and justice will be given. We do have hope.
The Bible clearly teaches that God is active in and cares about his creation. But almost every week, there is a new tragedy in the news. From earthquakes and floods that are the result of natural forces gone awry, to shootings and other acts of human evil, these events cause many to wonder: Why would a loving God not act to stop such horrific events? Does he have a plan for dealing with what’s wrong?

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