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Think Like Jesus about Scripture

It should stand to reason that people who say they are Christians — followers of Jesus — should give give great value to his view of Scripture. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of biblical illiteracy among Christians. To be direct, many who bear that name are actually heretics.

People sure are fond of their opinions. Post something on social(ist) media, you get a passel of "Well, I think..." responses, and many of those are contradicted by the linked articles they refused to read. Opinionated biblically illiterate heretics are ripe for deception by cults.

Bible open to Genesis, Pexels / Luis Quintero
Many professing Christians are not committed to the inerrancy of Scripture, and often add in teachings, sayings, traditions, and opinions. We look to the Bible to learn about Jesus and salvation. We also read it to find out about living the Christian life and the return of Jesus. Why bother if it's full of errors or alleged contradictions? This also a clear rejection of biblical authority.

Several years ago, there was a "What would Jesus do?" movement, and people wore WWJD bracelets. Nice idea, but it was based on opinions. This child lacks belief that people would ask themselves, "What did Jesus do?" and look up a situation that may pertain to a situation or question. One thing he did, however, was hold Scripture in the utmost esteem. After all, he is God the Son, and they were written through God the Holy Spirit!
There is considerable debate these days concerning the inerrancy (infallibility) of Scripture. The authority of God’s Word is the main issue. But, if one yields to the authority of Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach), he must, in turn, yield to Christ’s view of the Scripture itself. Anyone and everyone who claims to be a Christian (a believer under the authority of Christ) must hold to the same view He did! What was it?

I urge you to read the rest at "Jesus Christ on the infallibility of Scripture."