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Poor Excuses for Rejecting Creation

So often with various kinds of conversion experiences where people get all worked up about something — then the excitement cools. Books are untouched on the shelves, no interest in lectures (videos or otherwise), but they have a smattering of knowledge.

When encountering people who claim to be former creationists, their arguments are usually weak and show their lack of knowledge. We must be ready.
Image source before modification: Pixabay / Spencer Wing
This is especially sad when someone believes in Jesus Christ but then falls away (Matt. 13:18-23). In a similar way, someone can become excited about biblical creation science but get discouraged and distracted by philosophies, intimidated by militant atheists, harassed by college professors, teased by friends, and so on.

There are some who claim to be "former creationists" that have saddled up to ride with the Old Earth brand (or even with professing atheists), but when they have discussions with knowledgeable creationists, it is discovered that they only had superficial knowledge of biblical creation science.

Worse, their theology (which is intertwined with it) is also frequently weak. They repeat boilerplate objections, and sometimes mix bullets in their chamber: mythology, atheism, evolution, old-earth pseudoscience, philosophy, and more. We are often subjected to ill-conceived opinions and prejudicial conjecture. All of these are intended to justify their rebellion against the authority of God's Word.

The article linked below seems as if we are joining a conversation after it began, and we are getting a reply. Several subjects are touched on here, and I suggest that you read it not only for the individual segments, but the overall part about how skeptics do not do their homework, and it is important that we do ours. Primarily, stay in the Word and get good biblical teaching. Second, keep up with what is happening in creation science, which also keeps us informed about evolution and fake science news.

Take a look at "Theology made me reject creation", if you will.