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Turning the God Spot Concept on its Head

A claim that is invariably made by professing atheists is along the lines of, "Atheism is the default position. People are born that way until they are indoctrinated with religion". When you ask for evidence for such an assertion, you are ignored or they change the subject and attack. In fact, research indicates that children are born as theists.

Secularists cannot understand why people believe in God, so they try to find a biological cause. Their fundamentally flawed reasoning works against them.
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Materialists and evolutionists contradict their own epistemology by searching for the soul, and search the brain for free will. They deny that these immaterial things exist but search for them anyway. Then there is the idea that belief in God is based on brain "wiring". (No real wires, but it's a useful term. I like it.) Let's commence to doing a bit of the logic that we've been stressing.

First of all, they are presupposing that the material things are all that exist. Therefore, God must be some kind of electrochemical reaction. But such an assumption was not reached through the empirical research that they espouse. Also, instead of allowing them to control the narrative and put us on the defensive (atheists and evolutionists are mighty fond of doing that), we can turn it back on them. In so doing, we are demonstrating the truth of Romans 1:19-23.
Is religious faith due to brain wiring? If so, then so is materialism.

Evolutionary scientists love to scientifically analyze religion. They don’t realize what they do to themselves when they try to relegate religion to an evolutionary artifact of brain development.

The latest example from Rice University via is slightly different. Titled, “Can religion be explained by brain wiring?", the article shows what researchers from Rice found when they queried people about the hypothesis of a ‘God spot’ in the brain that explains religion. Most people said no.
This is not that difficult, and logical thinking glorifies God. To read the rest of this article, click on "How to Refute the ‘God Spot’ Hypothesis".