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Astrology, Millennials, and the Rejection of God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In the post titled "Atheism and Irrationality", it was pointed out that atheists are not quite the disbelievers in the supernatural that they pretend. Instead, they believe in some form of the supernatural and many indulge in occult practices such as astrology. Most atheists are in the generation classification known as Millennials.

Millennials as a group are fond of astrology. This is another sign of rejection of God as Creator.

Before we go further, who makes up those "generation" names? They are not even generations in the usual sense. The Baby Boomers were born from 1946-1964 in the post-World War 2 time. I could understand 1946 to, say, 1950, but I don't cognate on the rest. Millennials were not born in or on the turn of the millennium, but were 1977-1995. Whatever you say, Skippy. Also, the description reads like a socio-economic-astrological chart for these here United States, even using expressions like characteristics and on the cusp. Click here if you want to see it. Personally, I don't take none too kindly to being indexed.

Not only are atheists into astrology and the like, but so are Millennials in general. A co-worker of my wife gave her an astrological book for Christmas (let's slap Jesus in the face with the fortune telling offal that he detests). Turns out that she falls in the the Millennial category. Astrology is appropriate for the self-absorbed and those who reject the Creator, who gave them over to themselves (Rom. 1:21-23).

This is another article that was inspired from material by Dr. Albert Mohler's The Briefing. If you want to hear his excellent report and analysis (I hope you will), click on the link and look for the section, "The Resurgence of Astrology Among Millennials: Why the Big Questions of Life Just Won’t Go Away". You may also be interested in a similar article, "The Most Self-Absorbed Generation?"