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Purpose is Found in the God of Creation

People try to find meaning in life in many ways, but those leave them ultimately unfulfilled. Much of the search for purpose in life is ultimately based on selfishness, while others seek it through altruism and charitable giving, which is often rooted in feeling good about themselves.

There are many ways that people try to find meaning and purpose in their lives, even by denying the existence of meaning. There is only one way.
Credit: Freeimages / Radu Fizesan
Some seek fulfillment in the arts, even using them to express yourself and the things that are important to you, or art for art's sake. Other people spend time caring for animals. I think we all know people who try to gain a sense of purpose in their lives through their jobs and making lots of grotzits. Then there are those who seek political power. Some are shallow and deranged, feeling good about themselves through manipulation and narcissism. Psychology, psychiatry, Eastern religions, liberal religions, occult practices, prescribed as well as illicit drugs, pleasures of the flesh — they still leave people with emptiness inside.

Atheists claim that life has no purpose, then try to validate their identities in denying God, hating God's people, and mocking the Bible — especially biblical creation. Evolutionists want meaning in a blind, gibbering, mad god of their empty faith. Feral environmentalists insist that their "evidence" is the truth, and everyone else is a liar. "Don't listen to him, even though he has facts to back up his statements! Listen to me, I am trying to feel important promoting evolutionary ideas and leftist causes!" Hate and attempts to control the narrative also fail to give someone true meaning. People like this appeal to atheistic interpretations of science philosophies as if science is the be-all and end-all of truth, but scientists are fallible and live in the dark hills like the rest of us.

None of these result in giving ultimate meaning to life.

Unfortunately, egos get in the way. All of us have to repent and put our faith in Jesus Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Humbling ourselves is the first step. One tinhorn is so confused that he thinks meaning is in meaninglessness.
Scientists know that purposelessness is harmful to health, but where will they find a purpose in their purposeless universe?
You could go to a Bible-believing church to find meaning in life, but secular culture wants you to trust science for everything. And so we see UC San Diego putting out a press release, “Have You Found Meaning in Life? Answer Determines Health and Well-being,” along with a smiling psychologist. The subtitle says, “Study examines meaning in life and relationship with physical, mental and cognitive functioning,” but nothing about a soul or spirit. It’s a “study.” Well then. We hope they studied hard about finding meaning in meaninglessness.
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