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Pyramids and Other Structures Before the Genesis Flood?

Once in a while at The Question Evolution Project, people will ask about structures built before the Genesis Flood. These questions may include the pyramids of Egypt. A proper understanding of Flood geology indicates that it is extremely unlikely that any prediluvian construction could have survived the catastrophic activity of the Flood. However, some people have tried to tamper with biblical texts to say otherwise.

Some people think the Egyptian pyramids were built before the Genesis Flood. Poor scholarship presented on YouTube needs to be refuted.
Credit: Good Free Photos
The original manuscripts of the Bible no longer exist. The discipline of textual criticism is the method of determining what those original manuscripts contained, and it can be an arduous process. Just ask Dr. James R. White (who has made security guards nervous by reading ancient manuscript fragments through the glass at museums). Manuscripts are compared, and many scholars are confident that modern Bible translations are extremely accurate.

Ever notice the footnotes in your Bible that refer to the Septuagint? It is an old manuscript where the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek by 70 or 72 scholars (also denoted as the LXX). When using dubious Egyptian chronologies and insisting that the Septuagint is the superior text, the pyramids can be made to seem that they were built before the Flood. Many people are deceived by faulty scholarship to support anti-vaccinations, the flat Earth, and pre-Flood pyramids when they see things presented on YouTube.
Many people have asked us about a YouTube video entitled Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? by Nathan Hoffman. Over the space of a half hour, he makes multiple erroneous statements, applies several misdirections, and makes many grand assertions that are simply not based upon fact. His main thesis is that the Greek Septuagint (LXX) version of the Old Testament has the correct chronology and the Hebrew Masoretic text (MT) originated from deliberate Jewish tampering. It takes him a while to get to the main point, however, because he starts off talking about Egyptian history and the pyramids.1 However, he makes multiple errors that he could have avoided if he had been more familiar with text criticism and the history of this debate, which is almost as old as the Church itself.
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