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Yes, the Genesis Flood was Global

The title of this post should not be news to people who believe the Bible and its authority, as we believe that it means what it says. There are times when people will honestly disagree about the meaning of certain texts, but the global Flood is made clear.

People began trying to find ways to grease the pig of deep time and slip in through the fence. Several efforts at compromise have been discussed on this site alone, but one of those most amazing attempts is to claim that the Genesis Flood was a local event.

Noah's Ark at Ark Encounter, Wikimedia Commons / Cimerondagert (CC by-SA 4.0)
In some ways, the article linked below reinforces what many know, but it may also open the eyes of others. I'd be much obliged if you would let it show you how to think biblically, and when you read not only Genesis but other parts of the Bible, keep an eye out for the many ways that the idea of a local flood is ridiculous.

Here is a nugget for you to keep in your pocket and take it out to look at on occasion. Peter likens the day of the Lord to the Genesis Flood, but the coming Judgment will not be by water, but by fire. Ask local flood advocates if 2 Peter 3:6-7 will also be a local event? Not hardly!
For most of Church history, both Christian and Jewish scholars almost unanimously believed that the Genesis Flood covered the whole earth. Only since the so-called Enlightenment (18th C) has there been dissent. The deist James Hutton decreed “the past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now.” No global flood is happening now, so it is ruled out a priori for the past. His hagiographer Charles Lyell, later Charles Darwin’s mentor, wanted to “free science from Moses”.

Unfortunately, many church intellectuals pretzelized the Scripture to fit long ages, and minimized the Flood. E.g. it was local or tranquil. But why didn’t previous commentators think so? Because it is not based on exegesis of the text, but from eisegesis imposing unformitarian ideas upon the text.

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