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The Wife of Cain Mystery — Solved

The most famous thing about Cain is that he killed his brother. Also, that he lived in the land of Nod as part of his punishment. Further, people have puzzled and puzzled until their puzzlers were sore, wondering where Cain got his wife. It was a mystery for the ages.

Not really. People made things more difficult than they needed to be. Carefully reading the text, paying attention, and believing the Bible in the first place can solve many difficulties. Paying attention to context also solves many apparent problems and alleged contradictions.

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Some ideas about Cain's wife are...truly bizarre. One is that because Genesis only records the names of three offspring yet Cain got a wife, Genesis simply isn't true. Another is that God used evolution. Worse, Adam and Eve were created, but Cain married up with a female product of evolution, which negates Jesus as our Kinsman Redeemer.

The answer is simple but shocking to many: Cain married a sister. Yes, that idea is abhorrent to most people, but it was not only permitted back when humanity was not so contaminated by genetic mutations, it was also necessary. One furious atheopath was railing at me about incest in the Bible. (I didn't have time to ask him why, in his atheistic worldview, such a thing would be wrong. Also, I forgot to point out that when these objections are raised, the fact that Charles Darwin married his first cousin and was worried about inbreeding problems is not discussed by atheists.) There are some other points about Cain marrying a sister (or possibly a niece) to consider — and why it matters in the first place!

Several years ago, I purchased The Golden Children’s Bible to use with my young daughter Elizabeth during devotion time. It was originally published in 1965, and I was attracted to the realistic illustrations that were reminiscent of those I had grown up seeing in Sunday school. The Bible was not a specific translation but rather a paraphrase of selected events from Scripture. When I got to the section entitled, “Cain and Abel, Sons of Adam,” I read,

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