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The Gospel and — Clothing?

It takes a lifetime to master some parts of the Bible, but no human can fully understand all of it. In my own life, there are parts that I find desperately dull and have even asked the Lord why he preserved them. Sometimes a teacher will come along and make certain areas interesting.

The main reason we wear clothing (aside from cold weather) is found in Genesis after Adam and Eve sinned. An area that is difficult to understand is the minute detail given to garments, especially in the Old Testament. These actually build on the themes of sin, covering, and eventual atonement.

Some parts of the Bible seem dull, such as the details given to garments. However, clothing descriptions go through the Bible, portraying the gospel.
Clothes hanging, Pexels / mali maeder
Intertwined with the passages on clothing you will often read about blood. Priestly garments had to be pure and unsoiled by blood, yet the blood of sacrifice makes them pure. Jump ahead to the New Testament, and see that we are told to "put on Christ" (Rom. 3:14) like a garment. There are many references to whiteness of clothing, because the blood of Christ purifies. Through faith in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are given white clothing that shows believers are cleansed of sin. We did not do it ourselves.
What if clothes not only make a fashion statement but also portray the gospel? A journey through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation will reveal the remarkable answer. In several key passages, references to clothing convey essential elements of the gospel by depicting two human conditions. The first condition is sinfulness, a state of shame and utter inadequacy which alienates people from God. The other condition is purity made possible through a spotless sacrifice, enabling access to God. Let’s see if we can follow the threads of these themes as they weave through the Bible.

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