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Your Truth, My Truth, and a Witch at Davos

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Centuries ago, I was talking with someone and offered to present the gospel message. He declined, adding something to the effect of being glad I found something that works for me. Nowadays he might have said that I have my truth but he had to find his truth.

A few months ago, I was hit with a surprise triple-bypass open-heart surgery. Then my beloved Charlene suddenly died a month later. This led to me having telephone counseling with several people. Some have said that "the universe" sends me signals or watches out for me and some made comments that resemble "your truth," which they did not seem to share.

Witches Sabbath, Francisco Goya, 1789
You see what people mean by those statements, don't you? That there is no absolute truth, only what someone wants to accept. There are some ways individual truth exists on a lower level. I have to do laundry or have supper in whatever way is best for me. Not many truths to consider, just personal advantage or preference.

At Davos in Switzerland was the World Economic Conference. These kinds of folks want facts and figures, and scientific...truth. Or so it seems. So why bring an incantation-making witch doctor on stage? New Age things are a big bunch involving crystals, UFOs, horoscopes, paganism, Eastern religions, witchcraft, and more. Practitioners are seeking their own truths — but there is nothing actually new in New Age ideas.

As a side note, atheists ridicule Christians with remarks such as, "In this modern, enlightened day and age, I can't believe there are people stupid enough to believe in the Noah's Ark fairy tale!" Do they complain about a witch at the Conference, or occult practices being mainstream? If so, not where I hear or read about it.

Mathematics and empirical sciences proclaim public truth in which personal interpretations are irrelevant. (Evolution is a historical science that claims to have the truth of origins, but is riddled with conflicts, uncertainties, and even deceit.) To have a witch at the Conference seems to present conflicting messages. Is there consistent, factual truth for these folks, or not?

Those of us who believe the Bible from the very first verse are undesirable because we adhere to not only its truth but also its authority. Biblical truth is public: People must humble themselves and repent, making Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. He is the only way to salvation and peace with God.

You may find this interesting, but I am only offering it for information: "Will Scientists Now Consider Occult as Science?"