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Looking at the Future Me?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Many people know the truism about being good to other people, you do not know what they may be going through. (That helps curb judgmental attitudes.) I hope that people will be considerate because of my apparently stupid actions because of bereavement.

Holding the two items I needed, I stood in the line for the self checkout. There was an old man at one of them who was moving mighty slow. I passed up a chance to move to a line with a cashier. He he had to be done in a minute, right? Not hardly!

Living in a fallen, sinful world causes frustration among other things. Waiting for an old man at the self checkout caused some thoughtful moments.
Self checkout, Flickr / pin add (CC by 2.0) (modified with FotoSketcher)
As I gaped in frustration, I had time to think. It struck me that this could be me in twenty years. Would I be moving so slowly? Mayhaps it was from pain, lethargy, or something else. Was he a widower like myself? If so, had come to terms with his loss? When a kiosk opened up for me, I got through it quickly enough but I think he was still there when I left.

Expressing irritation at people like that can serve no purpose except to make the one doing the expressing look like a jerk. Also, God doesn't like it. The old man was created in the Imago Dei. Whatever his issue was, it was the result of living in a fallen, sinful world. Like my issues.