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Rising Hostility to Creation from the American Scientific Affiliation

The American Scientific Affiliation provides an example of what happens when an ostensibly Christian organization begins with an uncertain foundation and continues to compromise on Scripture. Not to be confused with other groups with similar names, it had an interesting approach to science and religion working in harmony. People of varied religious persuasions were members. Unfortunately, they did not seek the authority of the Word of God, but wanted validation from secular science. It did not go well.

Secularists insist on naturalism. Sure, it's great to have those st00pid djumb theists promoting evolution and pretending it came from God, but that's not enough. The ASA had a "big tent" approach, but that turned into a circus. It has drifted into not only theistic evolution, but also open hostility toward biblical creation and its proponents. Note that the god of TE is not the God of the Bible, and numerous compromises and scriptural tap dancing are constantly required to save face. Once again, reprobates compromise and end up being nothing like biblical Christians at all.

ASA is an organization of scientists and others involved in science-related disciplines. Their stated purpose was “to investigate any area relating Christian faith and science.” The focus was on scientists or science teachers that were Christians who wanted to improve the quality of Christian evangelism on the subject of religion and science. While their earliest issues included theistic evolutionary and old-earth papers, it was once also possible for biblical creationists to be published.

You can read the rest at "The American Scientific Affiliation: From Tolerant to Anti-creationist and Anti-intelligent Design."