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Adam, Made from Dust

When reading the beginning of the Bible, people who actually believe it reach Genesis 2:7 and see where God made Adam from the dust of the ground. Okay, that is interesting, another miracle during the week that was full of them. Then they move on without further thought. Same with me.

There are some owlhoots that claim to believe the Bible but somehow reject what it plainly says. These types generally take a liberal view of Scripture, and that most likely includes evolution — which is taught in seminaries. Some views merging Adam and evolution are...truly bizarre.

Hands with dirt, Unsplash / Gabriel Jimenez (cropped)
Sometimes Adam and Eve are relegated to mythology or symbolism, but there are people who don't want to so blatantly dismiss parts of the Bible, though they still reject its authority. These will force in something resembling magic where Adam was some evolving creature, then God made it fully human. Well, if someone truly believes the Bible, the wording in the account of God making Adam is very specific and incompatible with other weird ideas.
Today, evangelicals who claim that every word of the Bible is inspired are intensely debating the process of Adam’s creation in Genesis 2:7. How can this be?

Clearly, an underlying agenda drives this debate. These scholars are committed to embracing evolution as the way God created the world.

They may give the impression that this is a minor issue, but it has huge implications for how we understand basic doctrines, including salvation itself.

You can read or listen to the audio of the entire article by visiting "Dustup Over Adam."