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How to Approach and Understand the Bible

As many professing Christians claim, the Bible is essential for Christianity. It contains the words of life everlasting and the love of God — but far too many cannot be bothered to read it. When it is pointed out that all of us are to be able to present the gospel, people clutch their pearls and walk away.

They cannot present or defend the gospel message, just like far too many professing biblical creationists do go beyond reading picture captions. Those folks try to stand up to atheists but get their clocks cleaned because atheists and evolutionists know their talking points. The very basis of it all is understanding basic Bible interpretation.

Professing Christians claim to believe the Bible, but need some help understanding it. God gave it to all of us, and we can get a great deal from it.
Reading the Bible, N.C. Wyeth, 1920
Christians must presuppose several things, not the least of which is that the Bible is true. It is also necessary to respect its authority, which is something that other biblical creationists and I have stressed many times. In addition, rational thinking (which has practical applications in every area of life) is important here. Believers have God the Holy Spirit indwelling and leading us.

It is easy to read in ignorance and with our own preconceptions, or presuppositions of our influencers. There have been several times that I had read a passage and wondered about it and it became clear later on when I learned how to handle the Word (other times things needed to be explained to me), but I didn't judge God.

We can understand many things when we go about it properly, but I'll allow that there are times we need expert help through sermons, experts, and commentaries. You don't need to be a scholar or seminarian to get something out of the Book that God has given to us. I urge you to read "Bible interpretation guidelines: Good practice for interpreting Genesis 1–11." Also, I recommend theWord free Bible Software. My review plus links are here.