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The Impossibly Long Creation Week

It is a distressing fact that many professing Christians are unaware of what and why they believe, and many mix in opinions and beliefs, getting results that are...truly bizarre. Others have accepted atheistic naturalism science opinions that Earth must be billions of years old.

People will believe whatever they want. For Christians, our ultimate standard of truth and authority is the Word of God. Over at Piltdown Superman, I link to numerous creation science articles that show how the science for deep time is fundamentally flawed. Such resources are shared by many folks online, but there are still professing Christians who try to shoehorn long ages into the Bible so they can have the best of both worlds.

It's not just regarding origins and the age of the earth, either. People tamper with what the Bible says in order to justify things that it clearly condemns. They often take pride in that.

Biblical creationists uphold the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. We also equip people with faith-building and evolution-refuting materials. In addition to those things, we want people to think. After all, logic itself is a characteristic of God. We are created in his image and should glorify him by using it. People who try to get long ages out of the Bible or shove in theistic evolution so they can look smart to atheists really haven't thought things through.
“The sixth day.” What does that phrase mean to you? More than 200 years ago, Christians began to question whether this day truly was the sixth day, instead of the six millionth or six billionth day. They were responding to an idea, popularized in the late 1700s, that our planet and universe are much older than Scripture indicates. They wondered where millions of years might harmonize with the Bible. So they scrutinized Genesis 1 and reinterpreted the days of Creation Week in a variety of ways.

But they didn’t recognize that each of these attempts to insert long ages into Scripture had fatal flaws (even beyond the alarming fact that they tried to change the original intent of the language). Most notably, they place death, suffering, and disease long before Adam and Eve sinned.

You can read the rest or listen to the audio by my favorite reader by clicking on "Creation: The Longest Week Ever?" Also of interest, "Did God create over billions of years?To further enhance your learning, see the 15-minute video, here: