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Eden and the Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs and the Bible are subjects frequently cussed and discussed regarding biblical creation science views, but because of secular propaganda, they are usually rejected out of hand by many people. Declarations of how dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years are in all sorts of media. These include science documentaries, children's programming, news reports, science journals (as expected), advertisements and more. Christians are often swayed by evolutionary material and dismiss what God's Word says without thinking.

Dinosaur image from RGBstock / Adrian van Leen
Of course, a scoffer might say, "Hey, there was no death in the beginning. What if an Ultrasaurus didn't watch where it was going and stomped on Adam? Haw, haw, haw!" If someone like that is going to use our presuppositions to register a complaint, they should be consistent and use what the Bible actually teaches. Some rational thought would also be helpful. Even so, an honest inquirer may wonder the same kind of thing.

Christians presuppose the truth of the Bible — at least, we're supposed to believe the written Word of God and reasoning from Scripture. Secularists dismiss historical accounts of dinosaurs as myths, but there's a passel of them written as history.

Try this: The placemat in the Chinese restaurant often has the twelve symbols of the Chinese zodiac. Eleven of them are familiar to humans, but the twelfth is a dragon. Why have one piece of fiction? Because it's not fiction. Dragons (or Marco Polo's descriptions of "great snakes") were later called dinosaurs. Similarly, when God challenged Job, he described living things familiar to him. When God discussed behemoth and leviathan, Job obviously had knowledge of those impressive creatures.

Picture a party of explorers walking through a forest. As they follow a creek, the trees open to a large meadow and the stream wanders in lazy curves through the waving grass. A deer raises its head to look at them as it munches on a clump of clover. Beyond the deer they notice the outline of an Apatosaurus and its baby against the backdrop of towering pines.

If you saw this as the opening scene of a movie, what genre would you think you were watching? Fantasy? Science fiction? Documentary? While many people would consider this scene fantastical, or fictional at the very least, had you been alive around the time of Noah’s Flood, it could have described your actual, personal experience.

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