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A Matter of Pride

It may be surprising to many people that, when they speak of the devil, the correct image is not the horned monster with a pitchfork and a pointed tail. He was actually the most beautiful thing ever created — and damned proud of it!

No, that was not gratuitous profanity. His pride caused his damnation. The Bible tells us God hates pride, but that does not mean pride in a job well done or telling someone that you're proud of them. Many people today have damnable pride.

Proud strutting cock, Pixabay / Steve Smith

There is a huge amount of pride parading around nowadays where people are flagrantly rebelling and violating God's moral standards. It is also abundant in many ways, whether the business executive, uppity connoisseur of "good" things, narcissistic atheists, professing Christians holding to the One True Belief™, or elsewhere.

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This child believes that it is exceptionally difficult for arrogant people to humble themselves and repent before Jesus Christ. Worse, there are groups who celebrate their deviated preversion (as Keenan Wynn called it in Doctor Strangelove, wording useful to avoid censorship by bots on socialist media). Why be proud of doing something unnatural, and was classified as a mental illness until political correctness changed the evaluation? As we read in Romans 1, God gave them over...

There are several Hebrew words for pride in the Bible; some have different meanings depending upon the context. Some can mean majesty or excellence; others can mean loftyI exalted, or (negatively) pride. However, some are almost always negative—meaning also presumption, haughty, or lifted up.

In many Old Testament verses, words with normally different meanings are used euphemistically to symbolize pride. Common Hebrew words for tall, broad, high, and exalted can be used to denote pride. It is safe to say that pride infects the human heart and is also interwoven throughout the biblical Hebrew and Aramaic texts.

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