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Remembering the Real Reason for Thanksgiving

Although other cultures have harvest festivals and days of thanks, but Thanksgiving Day has distinctly Christian origins. Canada has Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, and there are similarities as well as differences between the two.

Due to ungrateful hearts and secularization, many Americans have mainly forgotten the reason for this holiday. Visions of feasting, football, and naps followed by a frantic day of shopping on Friday by the financially blessed tend to crowd its origin from our thoughts. We need to examine our history and priorities.

Because of secularism and ingratitude, people have largely forgotten the history and meaning of Thanksgiving Day. We need to remember its purpose.
Unsplash / Kiy Turk
Many people know about the 1621 observance in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It did not establish an annual day of thanks. In fact, there were other times when it was occasioned and the date was not established until President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved it to its present time slot in 1939. Retailers wanted more shopping days before Christmas, but at least FDR remembered that Thanksgiving Day was set up to give honor to God.

There are many instances in the Bible where reminders were established to prompt people to remember God's blessings and benefits they had received. They are also teaching aids, since God commands parents to teach their children about the truth. Traditions may vary (you don't want turkey but prefer pizza, fine), but keeping and cherishing an important holiday is important. Don't let secularists and others take it away from you or try to rewrite history.

Today many Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving. Sadly we are losing our focus on the original reason for Thanksgiving as the spiritual state of America continues to decline. Many people in America, or even across the world, may ask, “What is Thanksgiving?” This is an important question and it is even more important to acquire a correct answer. As families gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, are we reminding our children what Thanksgiving means? While some may describe this day as just an “annual harvest festival,” Thanksgiving was originally established as a reminder to Christians that we should thank God for His many blessings.

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