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Drilling into Hell and other Foolishness

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Some of us have been trying mighty hard to encourage folks to use the minds the good Lord gave us, but it gets mighty frustrating sometimes. Perhaps everyone believes a news report, rumor, or something else immediately, without checking on it, sometime or other.

Ofttimes, there is an emotional element involved that contributes to confirmation bias or prejudice. I have seen many times that atheists believe something against Christians, no matter how absurd, because of their bigotry. We expect that. But when Christians believe and spread stupid things, it is embarrassing.

Christians must use healthy skepticism instead of spreading silly stories. One is that Russians drilled into the earth's crust and found Hell itself.
Pixabay / Mark Hultgren
Some of y'all may have noticed that I've written on similar subjects before, such as young Albert Einstein putting an atheist teacher in his place (just a story with no substantiation). Recently, I saw on an atheist troll Page on Fazebook (they share posts of Christians and creationists for the purpose of mockery) that a Christian Page has shared the story of the "Laminin Cross". I actually agreed with the atheists that those Christians had no business spreading that nonsense. (Of course, I only received abuse for my efforts.) Then there's the story of drilling a hole and finding Hell.

Professing Christians at the mostly-heretical Trinity Broadcasting Network were spreading a story in the 1990s about Russian geologists drilling a hole in Siberia. Suddenly, they broke through, found the temperature amazingly hot — and recorded the screams of the damned. Yup, they found Hell. Other people repeated this story as well, but undiscerning Christians milked it.

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I'll allow that we're using hindsight because it's known that the Well to Hell is fake news, you dig? It is a fact that there really is a drilling operation called the Kola Superdeep Borehole, but there's not much resemblance to the main story. What adds fuel to the fire is the old idea that Hell is at the center of the earth, but there is no biblical support for that idea. Also see "Screams from the Earth."

Yes, as Christians, we want to proclaim the gospel message — but using rumors and nonsense, we are making fools of ourselves and giving unbelievers reasons to laugh at us. Use healthy skepticism, check facts from reliable sources. We can't be dishonoring the Lord with nonsense. Otherwise, skip the sensational stuff and creepypasta. Hell is real, God's wrath is real, both are scary. Stick to the truth of the Bible, including repentance through Jesus Christ. You savvy that, pilgrim?