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The Stars and Biblical Truth

It is clearly seen in nature that God exists and is the Creator (Romans 1:20), and when we read the Bible, we see that its authors were well aware of his work in creation. Keep watch in your Bible reading for the many references to creation.

Further, it is obvious that God likes beauty and order. Indeed, we are living in a world that was wrecked by the Genesis Flood, but it was designed to still show beauty. When we look up yonder at the stars, we see beauty and order. A bit of astronomy reveals attributes of the Creator.

We can learn some amazing things about God from nature. That God likes beauty and order is revealed even more when we look at characteristics of stars.
ESA / Hubble & NASA, Sarajedini et al (Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Secular scientists keep trying to throw God out of creation with their naturalistic philosophies, but those are incoherent. For that matter, the vaunted Big Bang is being doubted publicly by some scientists and others admit that they don't understand much about it at all. The heavens show the glory of God, and each star has its own glory. The incomprehensible number of stars — yet he knows each one by name! While we can learn about God from nature and from the stars, the best way is from the written Word of God.
God reveals Himself to human beings in three main ways: in the physical creation, through the pages of Scripture, and through the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s look at the creation of the starry heavens.

Astronomy teaches us a fantastic amount about the magnificent cosmos, but we should keep in mind that it is ultimately an imperfect revelation. After all, the whole creation is under the Curse (Romans 8:22). “The heavens declare the glory of God”, it is true, but no longer do so perfectly. We must look to the Creator, whose revelation in the Bible certainly is “perfect” (Psalm 19:7). Looking at the universe through ‘biblical glasses’ is as important here as it is for subjects like dinosaurs or so-called ‘races’.

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