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Prophecy, God, and the Future

Humans are a strange lot when it comes to knowledge of the future. Some say that nobody knows, others consult spirits, the stars, tarot cards, and other things. (Why the dead know about the future has not been adequately explained.) Some folks say nobody knows the future, but then use fortune tellers.

It may be difficult to grasp that God is not subject to the same limitations that face us. He is the Creator of matter, energy, time, and space. A wrong theology called open theism claims that God does not know the future.

Time, Pixabay / Gerd Altmann (geralt)
To say that God does not know the future is to demonstrate lack of knowledge or even disbelief about the Bible. In it, he claims to know the future. We also have hundreds of prophecies that have been fulfilled — many of them are very specific. Further, there are prophecies about the end times that are yet to be fulfilled. God's knowledge of the future is important to us as Christians.
In a fallen world filled with death, suffering, and natural disasters, many people live in pain, uncertainty, and hopelessness. People naturally ask questions. Can I have hope in a world that seems so uncertain? Will a day ever come when death and suffering will be no more?

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Our certainty about the future doesn’t come out of thin air. It is based upon the fact that God not only knows what will take place in the future but has revealed the key events to us so that we might have confident hope.

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