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No Ultimate Truth, but You are Still Wrong

The philosophy du jour is postmodernism, which is very nihilistic. Previously, modernism held to the belief that truth could be found, but postmodernism essentially holds to the claim that there is no ultimate truth.

Biblical creationists as well as all Christians are to be ready to share the gospel to anyone, but a person having a philosophy of hopelessness makes it a mite difficult. One reason is that the "no absolute truth" aspect is self-refuting, but people who hold to it do not grasp the absurdity.

Postmodern (because I said so) photo taken by Cowboy Bob Sorensen and modified at PhotoSketcher
Some people may think that postmodernism fits with atheism, but that is not exactly right. While postmodernism complements the skepticism that is so common in society, but atheism disqualifies itself because they believe they have ultimate truths.

Effective evangelism with postmodernism as well as atheism and others needs the examination of a worldview for internal consistency. The biblical worldview is obviously consistent, while others essentially light a circular fuse and blow themselves up. (If it doesn't matter what I believe, why are you so intent on convincing me of that?) Postmodernism is vehemently opposed to the Bible — especially biblical truth.

Another common aspect is the belief of "your truth" as if people could believe whatever they want and it doesn't matter. While Christianity does not believe in conversion by the sword or other coercion, disbelieving the truth of gravity will have a bad result.
Why are morals getting more lax? It largely stems from a view that ‘what may be true for you may not be for me; I can make my own truth.’ This is the essence of postmodernism. Postmodernists claim that all knowledge is culturally determined and therefore not objective.

Buzz words like ‘meta-narrative’ and ‘discourse’ identify postmodernists. Many of the humanities faculties (arts, sociology, education, etc.) at universities push this view. It’s quite the fashion.

It is in your best interest to read the rest of "‘That’s nice for you, but it’s not for me’ (The failure of postmodernism)." Also of interest is a feedback article where someone wrote to Creation Ministries International with a postmodern approach to tell them that they are wrong, and was shown how it is inconsistent and simply does not work. That is found at "Does it matter what people believe?" If'n y'all took a notion to learn more, take a look at "Postmodernism — Intent On Suppressing And Perverting The Truth Of God."