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Modern Pagans Worship the Earth Goddess

Names like Mother Earth or Mother Nature stem from worship of the goddess Gaia (or Terra), and radical environmentalists are enthusiastically participating. These acts of worship are entirely manufactured by leftists seeking political power and control.

Reducing your "carbon footprint" and other things only exist in the imaginations of modern paganism. Indeed, any kind of idolatry is based on imagination and pretending a false deity has desires. It is interesting that Mother Earth must be appeased when she "righteously" uses acts of nature to kill many people, but many environmentalists hate God and blame him.

Attempting to appease Mother Earth is giving worship to a false pagan deity, Gaia. All of it is made up in modern imaginations and leftist political power.
Socha Gaia, Wikimedia Commons / V.odchazel (CC BY-SA 3.0)
One excuse for denying God his rightful worship is that he makes too many demands, but the modern invention of Gaia is demanding and capricious. Aside from the fact that God made rules for his glory but also our benefit, he also wants us to be stewards of creation: Take care of the earth, subdue and rule benevolently. Earth Day is disguised paganism and an attempt for people to distance themselves from the true God who deserves worship — and fish-to-fool evolution is at the heart of it. Of course, leftists will harness the sentiment for their own ends.
Everyone worships something . . . that is just how God made us. But in a world that is corrupted by sin and in constant rebellion to its Creator, that worship gets distorted and twisted in ways that dishonor God. We can understand how that would happen in a jungle tribe where there is no direct access to what God has revealed about the right way to offer worship, but what about in America today? There is access to the Bible on everyone’s phone or laptop, and the instructions are clear.

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