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Repairing the Hole in the Heart

To say someone has a hole in the heart is imprecise, as there are several conditions that qualify. Most of the time people are born with it, others develop one of the problems later in life. Unless treated, they can be debilitating.

Christian denominations have been compromising and even abandoning their foundations for quite some time. Even atheists see that churches are more interested in being "relevant" and keeping up with the trends rather than staying with their true calling — but most churches are oblivious to the correlation between leaving their foundations and churches closing.

Black Church of Budir, Iceland, Unsplash / Cassidy Dickens
Just recently, my pastor mentioned that James 3:1 tells us teachers receive stricter judgment. That is something I take seriously. Although I am not in a formal setting, I am indeed teaching or offering teachings from others. I pray for wisdom, to glorify God, to edify the saints. Someone who has been trained in a theological cemetery — I mean, seminary — should take his responsibility far more serious than a jasper like me.

A kind of hole has formed in the heart of the Christian church and it needs to be repaired. Spiritual leaders need to repent and get back to the foundations of the gospel message, which begins in Genesis. The rest of the people need to examine themselves and see if they are indeed in the faith. Then they should seriously consider finding a church that believes and teaches the authority of God's Word.

Unless you have been living in isolation in recent years, you will know that prominent church leaders in the West have been increasingly questioning foundational Christian doctrines. “Why can’t we replace ‘Our Father’ with ‘Our Mother’? Why not replace God’s preferred personal pronoun ‘Him’ with ‘They’?” Why shouldn’t churches bless same-sex unions? Why still insist on male and female, so ‘ostracising’ transgender people? Why are sections of the Church resisting the move towards being more woke and progressive?

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