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Blessings and Evidence of the Creator

Recently on X, the service formerly known  as Twitter, I had to deal with vituperation from angry atheists for some of my posts that pointed out flaws in evolution and supported creation science. Such things are expected and common, but seem to be increasing lately.

Misotheists seem to have limited original thought, instead using rhetoric and attacks that are common to their group. Instead of dealing with the subject matter, they attack the person who posted it or the authors of the linked material. Then they fustigate the Bible while demanding proof of God's existence.

Hedge bindweed photo by Cowboy Bob Sorensen, modified at PhotoFunia
There are honest inquirers and there are mockers, and I'll allow that sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference. My guideline is that if someone is blasphemous from the get-go, there's no need to waste time on evidence; evidence is for believers. When I realize I'm being played, I move on.

More importantly, evidence for God and creation is all around us if people want to accept it instead of expecting him to jump through hoops for their satisfaction. Indeed, creation and the knowledge of it is a blessing for us!
Contrary to what some scientists claim, there is compelling philosophical and scientific evidence that a Creator of the universe exists. For example, the conditions described by the two laws of thermodynamics demand special creation. As the late Dr. Henry Morris noted, “The Second Law says the universe must have had a beginning—otherwise it would already be completely disordered. The First Law (conservation of mass-energy) says it could not have begun itself.” The sovereign and eternal God of the Bible is the only Cause sufficient to generate the universe as we understand it.

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