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Linking Noah, Moses, and Jesus

There are several literary terms that apply to the historical events in the Bible, such as foreshadowing. In stories (including movies), people are given hints as to what will happen later. There are also types involving events and people (e.g., 1 Cor. 10:11, Rom. 5:14).

It is interesting that in the Bible, historical events actually happened and people really lived who were paralleling what was to come. (Indeed, there are startling similarities between the sacrifices of Isaac and Jesus.) Strong links between Noah, Moses, and Jesus can be seen.

Public domain images of Noah, Moses, and Jesus via Breadsite
People who read their Bibles and pay attention to good teaching know that the Scripture has a large number of prophecies. Many have been fulfilled (especially surrounding the birth, death, and Resurrection of Jesus) and others are yet to be filled. Perhaps the parallels between Noah, Moses, and Jesus can be considered somewhat prophetic, since prophecy is not difficult for God. They include an ark, passing through the water, and spiritual baptism.
The Torah was written by Moses in such a way that the reader can understand that earlier events prefigure and anticipate later events. These later events are also meant to remind the reader of past events. This is known as narrative typology or literary analogy. Literary analogy can be seen from shared words and thematic parallels in different texts. An example of this kind of analogy is the ark in which both Noah and Moses are saved from destructive waters.

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