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The New Creation of the World

People have been fascinated by ideas about the end of the world almost since it began — maybe Adam and Eve speculated on the subject. People lived for decades in terror of nuclear annihilation, and that specter looms again. NASA tells us why the Mayan prophecy of 2012 was wrong, but they are incorrect because they speak from a naturalistic paradigm. Some consult the vague stuff of Nostradamus and various fortune tellers, others expect a giant rock from space. All wrong. The world will end, but not in any way these folks expect.

People have thought about the end of the world almost since the beginning. It will end, but when God says so. No, it will not be simply reworked.
End of the World, Pixabay / Geralt (Gerd Altmann)
When people say that the Genesis Flood is just an allegory, point out that Peter referred to the Flood as real when he wrote about the coming Big Bang at the end of the world in 2 Peter 3:5-10. Also, Jesus likened the end to the Flood in Matthew 24:37-39. There is a Judgment coming, and people need to be ready.

There are people who think that perhaps the world will not be destroyed and remade, but more like it will be cleansed and reworked. I'll allow that there are some passages where they can get such a notion, but they have to overlook some clear biblical passages.

In the beginning about 6,000 years ago, Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth out of nothing, or ex nihilo. . . . The Bible not only gives us information about key events of the past such as the creation week but also tells us about key events of the future.

In the end times, Jesus Christ will return for His followers and judge the world that rejected His salvation. The present earth will then be destroyed by fire, and God will create a new heavens and earth. The new heavens and new earth are the final phase of God’s prophetic program and will be the eternal home of Christ’s followers.

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