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Pain and the Curse in Genesis

A common argument from misotheists against the existence of God is that since there is suffering in the world, God either does not exist or does not care. Some suggest he does not have much power. Christians also wonder why pain exists.

God is condemned by unrighteous people to justify their rebellion (Job 40:8), but they do not see things from his perspective. They use prejudicial conjecture and statements without knowledge. Darwinists will say that pain evolved to help organisms survive; keep your fingers out of the fire.

An argument against God is pain in the world, but the argument is only from opinion. We learn from Scripture pain is because of sin and the Curse. God knows about pain, Jesus wore a crown of thorns and died on a cross.
Cross and crown of thorns, RGBStock / Adrian van Leen
Six days ago, this cowboy had torn meniscus surgery. It's a comparatively minor knee surgery and I went home the same day. It still hurts there and in other parts of the leg. Ibuprofen helps somewhat, but I really don't want to take the prescribed opioid.

Naturalism relies on the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™ because they are working from other conjectures that are also made up. While pain is admittedly beneficial as a warning, extreme and lingering pain cannot be explained by evolutionists. It all goes back to Genesis, Adam, sin, and the Curse. God is not oblivious to suffering because Jesus, God the Son, wore a crown of thorns, was scourged, and crucified on a cross. He defeated death with his bodily Resurrection on the third day. Christians have the promise of eternity without sickness and pain.

Sin—disobedience to God’s law—must be punished: “The soul who sins shall die.” (Ezekiel 18:20) This is a principle derived from God’s holy character, and one that is intrinsic to the nature of the created realm. God first stated this principle after he had created mankind. Adam was warned that if he broke the prohibition against eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would be punished by death (Genesis 2:17).

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