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When Undermining the Truth, Money Talks

Christians are confronted with unbelievers of various stripes, including atheists, the apathetic, moral relativists, cultists, evolutionists, false teachers, and many others. Biblical creationists uphold not only essentials of the faith, but the authority of God's Word as well.

Genesis is foundational to the faith. Things get more difficult when a well-heeled fifth column undermines not only the truth of Genesis, but trust in the Bible itself. The owlhoots at the Templeton Foundation are using their money to finance compromise among Christians.

Christians must deal with various attacks, but the worst come from those like the Templeton Foundation who use money to undermine Scripture and teach evolution over truth.
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For a Christian, humility means that we are entirely dependent on the work of Christ for our salvation, and our works cannot earn or keep it. In addition, good works are a result of our salvation. We give glory to Jesus. John Templeton, however, redefined humility as uncertainty about the truth, and it definitely does not come from sacred texts. The ever-changing whims of manmade science philosophies, though — well, yee haw boy howdy! Science is our salvation!

A further bit of sneakiness is that science is conflated with evolution. The Templeton Foundation has gatherings and such in the guise of promoting the union of faith and science, but the conspicuous exclusion of biblical creationists speaks volumes. Indeed, has that Foundation ever given one grotzit to a biblical creation science organization? I lack belief that they have.

Meanwhile, they are bolstering the Bearded Buddha in seminaries, funding the false teachers of BioLogos, and other nefarious practices. (For that matter, Seymour Garte's book was praised by Paul Wason of the Templeton Foundation, among other theistic evolutionists.) They sure do try mighty hard to destroy the faith and replace it with nonsense. Christians need to saddle up and ride for Jesus, not sit around playing spiritual games. You savvy that, pilgrim?

Nearly every hour of every day, headlines flash across major TV news channels telling the story of passionate men and women driven to change the world. . . . When it comes to the creation-evolution debate, in contrast, many of the organizations most dedicated to undermining the Bible’s teachings in the church aren’t picketing on national TV or launching social media fundraisers for little kids. Instead, they prefer to work quietly behind the scenes.

The John Templeton Foundation is one such organization. Its tendrils are everywhere, seeking to influence the church both directly and indirectly to embrace a view contrary to God’s Word. With a bank account of more than three billion dollars, this nonprofit organization is known for its philanthropic efforts to bring scientists and religious leaders together. Less well known is how it has been lavishing millions of dollars—through both secular and religious fronts—to advance belief in and teaching of evolution in the church.

To read the full article (or listen to the audio version) and learn about this wicked organization, visit "Funding Darwin in the Church."