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Rejecting the Light of Biblical Creation

Several months ago, I was in a hair cuttery and we were making conversation. It came up that I write creation science material, and the lady said she had never heard of it. Her nearby co-worker had a modicum of knowledge, but that was it. Living in a culture that is saturated with atheistic materialism, that is not a surprise.

Unbelievers and many Christians reject the light of biblical creation science, including misrepresenting and lying outright. See why it is important to our message
Freeimages / Brano Hudak
People are in spiritual darkness (John 3:19), are blinded to the light of the truth (2 Cor. 4:4), and cannot understand spiritual matters of any depth (1 Cor. 2:14). While it is not up to us to have brilliant arguments and save the lost (1 Cor. 2:1-5), we are to sanctify Christ as Lord and be ready to present the gospel (1 Peter 3:15). The Holy Spirit does the drawing, convicting, and saving.

Evolution is foundational to atheism (which in turn are foundational to naturalistic philosophies, secular humanism, and so on) as well as some other non-Christian religions. Some people, like the barber mentioned above, are ignorant of the truth. After all, the secular science industry is well-heeled and can spread their message of despair quite easily. People think evolution is science, so it is passed along without question.

There is another kind of ignorance, and that is willful. There are people who seek to suppress the truth (Rom. 1:18-23), so they reject biblical creation as well as the gospel message itself. Misotheists pretend God does not exist, but it is easy to tell that they vehemently hate him. They have some knowledge of creation science, but refuse to understand it well enough to accurately characterize or discuss it. Lying about biblical creation (as well as organizations and individuals) is common — but their dehumanizing of us does not make atheism and evolution any less false.

I'll use the word foundational once more; it describes the importance of Genesis to the rest of the gospel message and all major Christian doctrines. People who are knowledgeable about biblical creation can be prepared to help remove stumbling blocks to people coming to Jesus as Savior and Lord. (Indeed, evolution with its scientific veneer destroys faith and makes atheists of people.) Ministries like this as well as the big guys provide information to equip believers and point the way to genuinely-seeking unbelievers to obtain answers.
Often, Christianity is brushed aside as irrelevant, an unreasonable, blind faith. More to the point, Christians who uphold the first 11 chapters of Genesis find these are under attack above any other part of Scripture. Opinions about the Bible and the Creator abound outside the Church. Frequently these are strawmen arguments, not biblically sound ones. Of course, many hold blatantly anti-biblical views. Scripture teaches God created mankind in His image, but ever since the Fall, mankind has rejected the true God and, instead, has invented gods of his own (idols)—see Broken images. No matter how fallacious, people cling to these unbiblical views. Not surprisingly, a god made in your image is undoubtedly more convenient than the God of the Bible, who is perfectly just, and condemns every little trespass that deviates from His good, acceptable and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

I suggest two reasons why many dismiss biblical creationist thinking:

To read the entire article, see "Is ignorance bliss? How the world responds to the challenge of biblical creation".

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