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Christians and Misplaced Trust in Experts

Secularists often say science and faith are not compatible, which is usually accompanied by misrepresentations of faith and then ridicule. Professing atheists furiously defend minerals-to-microbiologist evolution, which is foundational to their religion.

Theistic evolutionists promote atheistic interpretations of science philosophies above biblical truth. A major organization for TEs is BioLogos, which is famous for misrepresenting and belittling biblical creationists. Like cultists, they occasionally have elements of truth in what they say. This happened in their article on trusting scientific experts.

Theistic evolution company BioLogos had an article on trusting scientific experts. There were serious errors, inconsistencies, and contradictions.
Although the BioLogos article had grains of truth, it had serious errors from the start. There were also inconsistencies and contradictions. Biblical creationists do not advocate denial of science, but we do encourage discretion. Scientific "facts" change. (The proponents of "follow the science" cite the secular science industry where it has promoted biological impossibilities, such as a man can become a woman.) Also, there are serious problems in the secular science industry, see "Don’t Follow the (Bad) Science". Things from atheistic and theistic evolutionary sources can have some value, but they should be considered by people who are grounded in Scripture and utilize critical thinking skills.
BioLogos has written a curriculum named “Integrate” and has been republishing articles on their website in support of and in defense of it. An article in this series asked the question, “Should Christians Trust Scientific Experts?”.1 It was thought provoking and had some good practical points but missed the mark widely in the area of worldviews and presuppositions. The author, Dr. Josh Reeves, also too readily accepts scientific consensus as a measure of reliability when it is well known that scientific consensus changes frequently in almost every field and that many of the greatest scientific achievements have been produced by the “mavericks” who did not accept the status quo.
I encourage you to read the rest of the article at "Should Christians Trust Scientific Experts?"