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The Suppression of Biblical Truth

It is easy to find people who claim to be tolerant and open-minded, saying that they defend the rights of others to hold contrary views. It may seem noble, but when the time comes to ante up, it becomes obvious that it was empty bluster.  This is readily apparent when it comes to expressions of biblical truth.

Credit: Pixabay / Angela Yuriko Smith
It's interesting to watch a conflict of trends. Charles Darwin was racist and sexist, and his worldview not only permeated his version of evolution, but influenced is followers through the years. Cancel culture is giving him a pass. Obviously, atheistic naturalism trumps outrage at his views. Rational people can examine the details and learn from history instead of trying to erase it.

The free expression of our Christian worldview is being reduced at an increasing rate in Western cultures, and there are people (mainly misotheists) who do not even want us to have our views. Indeed, they dehumanize creationists because we uphold the foundation of the faith as well as the truth and authority of Scripture. The secular science industry excludes evidence for creation science, but that is the opposite of a true scientific attitude. Similarly, social and even theological groups despise the authority of Scripture, beginning at the first verse. Their hatred of God's Word overrides knowledge, and they suppress biblical truth.
Many people these days are adamant in their belief in evolution. Most of these people readily dismiss the Bible as an old, outdated book that has no place in modern society. There is a correlation between these two statements, for if evolution is true, the Bible’s opening verse is false. People understand that a plain reading of the Bible clearly tells its readers that God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). That, perhaps, is the extent of biblical knowledge for many. It is baffling how little they know about biblical creationist thinking, or even evolutionary thinking for that matter. . . . Presumably, students should be taught how to think, not what to think. The opposite is usually the case.

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