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Bringing Satan into the Church

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

After dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight, many professing Christians bring him with them to church. No, he is not afraid of it, or you, or me. Many churches are pusillanimous and infested with unseen demonic entities. How did this happen?

Satan is in the church, and many of us brought him into it. There are several serious problems that need to be addressed here and now.
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Many Bible-believing Christians are dismayed by the lack of power in what is called the Body of Christ. Individual churches as well as entire denominations have compromised on the importance of Genesis, biblical inerrancy, and other foundational aspects of Christian doctrine. Far too many do not preach the Word of God, and people reject its authority. (Years ago, I endured some sermons were so feckless, I heard better sermons in Christian rock songs!) Satan is not dismayed whate'er betide.

It's been said that one of the devil's greatest achievements is to convince people that he doesn't exist.

To get people into churches, sermons became about as spiritual as self-help books, and the buildings were used as venues for entertainment. It did not go well. Far too often, lyrics of alleged worship songs are hollow and filled with vain repetition. Many times, churches appeal to emotional experiences instead of the Word and the Risen Christ. How are people going to be edified, growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord?

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There are people full of pride who desire attention. One person comes to mind that was a gospel singer who had a fine voice and even released his recordings, but it was said that he was seeking his own glory instead of giving it to God. Later, he became a "pastor" through a correspondence course.

Last I heard, he was so obsessed with fringe politics and conspiracy theories (including several failed predictions of Donald Trump's triumphant return to the White House, and that people like Hillary Clinton had been executed and replaced with clones). He resigned his associate pastor position because he could not discuss politics! It seems to me that he's a carnal Christian at best.

While that is an extreme example, it shows how professing Christians can lose focus on what is truly important. I'll allow that we all have our sources of entertainment and recreation. When politics, work, money, sports, music, movies, gaming (who needs reality, anyway?), television, or whatever take priority, those have become idols. Clearly, they are not bearing spiritual fruit in keeping with repentance and Christian spiritual growth.

Many Christians wonder why there is no power in their lives. They are not spending time in God's Word, getting sound teaching, and are instead filling their minds with garbage (see "What Are You Putting In Your Head?") I mentioned idols, and unfortunately, church and religion can become idols; many people want the feelings, experiences, and gifts, but not the Giver.

A couple of quotes used on bumper stickers and such are, "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven", and "We are sinners saved by grace". Both are true, and even though we are saved, we have to deal with sin. (Just because I have a fit of rage and curse at the computer doesn't mean I was never saved.) When we have setbacks in our struggle with sin in our lives, we must persevere (see "Christians and the Battle with Sin" for some helpful material). When sin is the rule and not the exception, there is a serious problem that urgently needs addressing.

People need to repent of not only the occurrence of sins in their lives, but must humble themselves, repent, and make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. You're not sure you're going to Heaven? Then make sure!

I'm about to turn you over to the article that inspired my own. Satan is alive and well and living in the church. We brought him. Not only from lack of commitment to the Word of God, but many people are deceived into thinking they are Christians. We must be born again. Those who love sin and don't care about the deeper things of God need to examine themselves and see if they are in the faith. Unsaved people in the church — especially in positions of authority — are bringing in Satan.

Many who believe in the devil usually think of him as being the darkest of figures. What they don’t realize is that the Bible tells us that he can also manifest himself as an “angel of light.” 

. . . 

The Scriptures continually warn the Church against his wiles (his methods), using words such as “be not deceived” and telling us to “be vigilant.” Well, has Satan had any influence on you and me? Is there any deception within the Church? That’s what we are going to look at closely. We are going to look at perhaps the greatest and most subtle of Satan’s deceptions.

If this wasn't important, I wouldn't have spent so much time writing the article. Yes, I'm asking a lot, but please read the rest of that article as well. See "Here’s How Satan Has Entered the Church".