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Making Scripture Insufficient

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This is one of those times when what appears to be a coincidence may be providential instead. Many of the past few posts have been about the authority of Scripture and how the Bible is under attack in one way or another. A short time later, I came across a two-part message on the sufficiency of Scripture that not only works with the other posts, but it is excellent by itself.

Although the Bible is sufficient for wisdom and Christian living, some people think they need to add philosophies of science and other strange teachings.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / Matt Banks
The messages that prompted this article are by Dr. John MacArthur. They were preached in 1985 and by my reckoning are more important today than they were all those years ago.

Christians need to read their Bibles. Although that is said frequently, many who profess faith in Christ are dismally lacking in knowledge and understanding of what Scripture says. God puts a strong emphasis on reading and meditating on the Bible because it not only helps us grow spiritually, but it imparts wisdom. Also, having the Word in your spirit gives wisdom for the things we need and decisions we make (Psalm 119:130). It helps keep us from deception as well.

There is a problem when people get the notion that the Bible is incomplete or insufficient, so they decide to add philosophies to clarify it. These can be "additional" testaments, the traditions of religious teachings, sign gifts and false miracles, mixing in Eastern religious beliefs, secular science, and more. While receiving good solid teaching is very important (after all, Paul wrote entire epistles to instruct pastors), biblical teachers trust and believe the Word of God so they can impart its wisdom to believers.

Although Dr. MacArthur did not emphasize science philosophies, there is a growing problem for Christians today of putting atheistic interpretations of man-made science ideas in the magisterial position over the Bible. If "science says" something (which "science" may "say" something different next year), well, the Bible is considered wrong. 

Similarly, many climate scientists base their spurious research on political agendas, emotionalism, and especially atheistic presuppositions. Important facts are ignored or suppressed. There are Christians as well as hysterical climate change cultists who fall into these traps. If God exists, they assume, he is not in control, does not have a plan, and it is up to us to save the world (cue superhero music). Strangely, some tinhorns try to twist the Bible and use it against us by saying that the Bible doesn't mention global warming, so let people who reject Scripture deal with it. That is galactically stupid reasoning. The Bible is sufficient and gives wisdom. Christians are constantly using scriptural principles for not only daily living, but true science and stewardship of the planet. And everything in between.

Things that are supposedly factual in science philosophies have a tendency to change, especially when doing so is expedient for the agendas of secularists. Likewise, "revelations" to false teachers are known to change. Look up Mormonism and others of this nature.

The Bible is the written Word of God, and it provides what Christians need. It is insulting and even blasphemous to add to the Bible or interpret it through the opinions of humans or trends. Now I would like to strongly urge you to listen to or download Dr. MacArthur's two sermons, "The Sufficiency of Scripture. You can download them here, but if you want to read the transcripts, just click on each title listed on that page and you can commence to reading.