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Christian Instruction Hindered by Evolutionism

A word that is common among Bible-believing teachers is edify. (This word has the same root as edifice.)These days, it generally means to instruct and build up people spiritually; a major part of The Question Evolution Project is to edify Christians, for example. Evolutionism hinders the edification of Christians.

Evolutionism is detrimental to Christian life and theology. We need to realize how Christian growth is hindered by this.
Credit: Pixabay / WikimediaImages
Climb up on yonder hill for a bigger perspective. Modern science was built on biblical principles, but Christians ceded science over to secularists when Darwin and Lyell came on the scene. In a comparatively short time, it was unfashionable to believe the Bible and to understand it properly. People didn't want to look ignorant, so they tried to mix the Bible and current trends of atheistic science views. Bad idea.

Today, people are confused and do not realize that they are damaging the core of the gospel message, and that compromising on the truth of creation is ridiculous because the evidence for recent creation is on the side of the creationists. 

A spell back, I asked a local pastor what his church's views were on creation. He essentially waved it off and it seemed like he rolled the dice and it landed on the foolish "Framework Hypothesis". While he apparently rejected evolution, his reaction told me that the pastor was uninformed about the importance of Genesis and that he was lacking in hermeneutics. This is just one example of how evolutionism and belief in long ages is harmful to Christian edification.
Can evolutionary theory be reconciled with the church’s basic functions of worship, evangelism, and the edification (building up) of believers? . . . How does it affect a believer’s growth in the Lord?
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