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God Made Monsters Too

Bible believers know that God made every kind of critter. Some of those we think are ugly or creepy (they probably have unflattering thoughts about us as well), or even downright scary, take some people a bit of time to appreciate. (My wife isn't fond of when I talk about fascinating traits in reptiles.) Some creatures we think of as monsters.

God made dinosaurs and other monsters, but some of that depends on what you mean by the word "monster". Then there are those other monsters we live with.
Credit: RGBstock / Adrian van Leen
It's a fair question to ask why God would make monsters. He has his plans, and many things we consider to be monsters are not dangerous after all, while other cute and pretty things can be deadly. In the beginning, there was no predation; T Rex may have been a fierce melon eater! Aside from movies and television shows showing scary monsters, actual monsters are a matter of perception.

There is another kind of monster to consider: that taniwha on the inside of us, prompting us to sin, be imprisoned by our fears, and more. We have that sin nature, you see, the product of living in a fallen world. All of us are wretched sinners that need to be saved by grace through faith. Because are sanctification is gradual, we don't become perfect instantly and have to deal with that dirty creature on a daily basis. The ultimate victory belongs to God.
After one of my dinosaur presentations in the Dallas area, a mother told me a question her son had asked. She didn’t know the answer. If God is good and Genesis creation is true, then why did He create monstrous dinosaurs? After all, look at tyrannosaur teeth. What kind of good God would make monsters like that?
It took me a few seconds to find the flaw in the question. It was worded to sound like only one option exists—that God made monsters. But what if God didn’t make monsters? In other words, the question has a logical error. It leaves out an option.
You can read the rest of this short article by clicking on "Why Would God Make Monsters?" Also, I want to do something different. The music video below is about dealing with inner fears (the lyrics are here), and it struck me about how it is a (probably unintentional) allegory to our sinful nature. Compare the song with Paul's frustration expressed in Romans.