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Doubling Down on Darwin in Denmark

Someone dared to question evolutionary science and point out moral problems with mixing Christianity with the Bible. The state church of Denmark wants him reeducated.

The joys of living in a civilized world where independent thought is encouraged, disagreements are discussed, violence and defamation are not used to get others to surrender to your point of view, atheists and evolutionists do not force their religious views on others — let me know when you find such a place. While most people believe in the separation of church and state (no, it is not in the US Constitution) and reject the idea of an official state religion, atheistic secular humanism is becoming the state church in the United States. Evolutionism is foundational to atheism and other religions that reject the authority of God's Word, and this is readily apparent from the actions of my distant kinfolk in Denmark.

Apparently, it is a sin to question Darwinism in the state Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. One priest found out the hard way. Now, don't be disunderstanding me. Mads Jakobsen does not seem to hold any creationist views, but he does have problems with evolutionary science interpretations and how hitching up the bride of Christ with Darwinism can result in moral problems. Bishop Harpy's reaction was to malign the errant priest and call for his reeducation. Sorta like a Stalinist but with different lingo, or maybe from George Orwell. Intelligent people believe in evolution, you know, and we can't have idiots like that in our state church, no siree!  Can't be putting the Bible above fallible man's science opinions, can we?

If you study on it, you'll see why this is yet another reason we need Question Evolution Day.
Even within some churches, Darwin skeptics can face censure and calls for re-education in the religion of evolution.
That Darwin doubters can expect persecution within secular academia is old news. But in the church? Karsten Pultz, an intelligent design supporter in Denmark, reported a story he found in a “Christian newspaper” in his home country. He tells about the difficulties a Darwin doubting theologian encountered within the Danish church. 
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