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External Pressures and Internal Changes

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Over at Piltdown Superman, I've been posting material from ICR on engineered adaptability and the continuous environmental tracking model. Essentially, Charles Darwin supposed that organisms change because of external "pressures", a concept that his followers cling to even today. They don't cotton to the notion that critters adapt (without evolving into something else altogether) through internal mechanisms (see "Targeted Changes and Engineered Adaptability" if you want to see an example). The Master Engineer built in the ability to make changes.

Using biological concepts as illustrations, external pressures and engineered adaptability are contrasted in the Christian life.
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Let's take this biological concept into another area — and flip it.

People have been blaming others for their actions for a very long time. Go back to Eden, and see that Eve blamed the serpent, Adam blamed Eve and God ("the woman you gave me"). This happens all the time. Just pay attention for how many times you come across someone using a phrase similar to, "It's not my fault!", or how many times you do it yourself.
  • The boss cheated me out of my lunch break, so I'll cheat back the time
  • I had to lie so I wouldn't look bad to my peers, then I had to lie some more
  • My husband isn't man enough, so I had sex with another guy
  • I hate her because she said something I don't like
  • Christians are big meanies, it's their fault that I'm an atheist now
See that? We have external pressures and we react to them. Unlike the creation science principle of engineered adaptability, external influences are not in conflict with our inner nature, and there is no need to change. (If anything, the more we give in to our urges, the worse we get.) Something needs to change, old son, before we drift into full postmodernism.

The root of the problem is sin. If we fess up and agree with God that we are sinners, and are giving in instead of living for Jesus Christ, by whom and for whom we were created. If you belong to God, you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. People who truly believe the Bible, have repented, have Jesus as the primary place in our lives, and seek to glorify  him have the Spirit's engineered adaptability. We can take responsibility for our actions, stop blaming other people and external pressures, and let God work inside us so we are not "under the circumstances".

I have a couple of sermons by Voddie Baucham for you and they're free, as usual. Mayhaps I'm asking a lot, but this is important. Note that each one is a direct link to the MP3, and I'd be much obliged if you'd give them serious attention. First, "Errors In The Modern Day Gospel". Second, and for me this one supplemented the first, "The Supremacy of Christ in Truth in a Postmodern World", which actually begins at the 3 min. 45 sec. mark. Let's get serious with God, and let him work his engineering inside us so we're not adapting to sinful influences.